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Popular Discussions View All 9. Thanks for the report, fixed! Dragonfox 19 Sep pm. If Charges Decayed then that would be less of an issue. Hey, I'm officially reviving this project, starting today. Expect multiple updates soon, I've just published one. The notes: - Fury Finishers can no longer generate Fury - Combo Finishers can no longer generate Combo - Multiple cards rebalanced - Added a new card: Cut I apologize for the lack of updates. I've just recently rekindled my love for this game, and this project, and am dedicated to make it as good as it can get.

As always, please make sure to share any thoughts in the comment section! Fiend of Chaos 13 Sep pm. Got to pee, pot to pee, lot of pee, no squeeze! Alexow 10 Sep am. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Blade Dancer 3. Blade Dancer 3. Haven't really seen a good one yet so hoping someone can help me out.

Also does anyone take Disonnance?

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Cast time I'm specced for backstab dmg tho, the dmg I could pull off from the rear while they are stunned vs. Or switch Wallop for Whirlwind if preferred. No stealth isn't a big deal for raids or 1v1s, since raids you play songs during downtime and 1v1, well But I might take it if I had no kraken shield or no shield swap period. Most important song is Bloody Chantey think of it as a better thwart but for short 5 second bursts only , annoying GCD to play in the middle of combat but its worth it. Add the other two battlerage passives and whirlwind.

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Point spread is super thin so compared to DR, you miss out on mobility, tankiness, a damage skill or two, and piercing passive biggest loss , in exchange for massive crits from zeal and more clunky utility from songs. I've seen Blade Dancer builds with only a few points in songcraft so basically a DR emulator, but what's the point? Raids, play like a more cautious DR which is easy to do because songs are a huge utility in raids.

Gear, same as any melee but highest emphasis on agility. Originally Posted by Zephyres. Well said Tenki, i got a little different with my playstyle and I use startling strain around the same time I BEL to avoid it being broken, then proceed to cast critical discord after my trip combo is over to fear the person if they haven't broken it with shrug yet.

I try to avoid the debuff song because the songcraft lines tend to drain mana extremely fast, and in any lengthy fight, you will most likely be OOM quickly.

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Thinking about a no-stealth build again, why wouldn't you just play Lorebreaker instead, at least for raids? Tenki, good points on songcraft heals and abyssal if you have an obsidian shortspear. I don't, which means there are a number of passives in songcraft that are going just be fillers for climbing the zeal tree.

But yes, heals and then abyssal songcraft would have a use with obsidian ss, though probably very limited on blade dancer glass cannon with heals?

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Reason I like wallop is because high damage highest damage skill for melee , interrupt, large armor debuff damage buff , and short cooldown. Far outclasses Pin Down on all of these categories except animation speed which is it's big downside.