How to write successful sales letters

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The Ten Commandments (Plus Five) of Highly Profitable Sales Letter Writing

Dave could tell how to make an engine run better by selecting proper fuel mixtures or how to keep a lawn mower blade sharp. Thank the reader for reading your letter and sign it personally. If you know the reader, add a note at the bottom in your own handwriting. Of course you must have a good list to send this out to—one that is accurate and up-to-date. Sending a great letter to a non-existent person is a waste of time, so phone your contacts before you mail and make sure your list is up to date.

Do a test. Send out a few dozen per week, and follow up by phone. Vary the offer and see what happens.

How To Write An Effective And Automated Sales Letter

Ken Burgin and Elizabeth Walker are the Marketing Masters, a full-service marketing and advertising partnership that helps build busy businesses. Writing Web Content: The old rules of editing still apply. Converting Online Leads to Offline Sales. There was no incentive; no Decisions and Timing Prev Article. Starting a Blog: Don't forget the… Next Article. Ask a question that shows you understand their needs, Are you still looking for someone who can guarantee your mower, tractor, trimmer, cultivator or compactor will be ready to work when you are?

Then tell them you have the solution, Our 10 point small engine tune-up will keep you running strong all summer long-we absolutely guarantee it. Last, add a P. This is a great place to reiterate the offer and maybe even sweeten the deal. Was this article helpful? If the conversions are high, send the remaining If not, tweak your letter and send to another small group of You crafted a great headline and your prospects continue to read your emails and letters. Your first job is done. Your opening sentence is critical for conversions as it tells the prospect whether or not your letter is actually something they want to read.

It is the lead-in to the rest of the letter.

How to Write the Perfect Sales Letter

I repeat, the opening sentence should not mention your company or its offer. I know you are offering an amazing discount and your services are best in the world, but adding promotional copy to the introduction will turn away prospects. Prospects only want to know how you can solve their problems and take away their pain. In the opening sentence, talk to the prospect about the prospect. What does the prospect actually want?

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This is the introduction to the online sales letter:. But, this is not the deep need. They want to learn about copywriting because what they really desire is to have a better life, to work on their own terms and to be in high demand. In your introduction, use the same research you used for your headline and paint a picture of what your prospect would want their life to look like after using your products and services. And you are still talking about your company, which is a no-no in the opening sentence.

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We get it. And we can help.

How To Write A Sales Letter

Read both examples and notice how the second gets the reader connected on an emotional level by hitting them with a pain point and painting a picture of what your services could mean for them. As you move into the body copy, this is where you will clearly define your offer and make it irresistible.

There are a few ways to do this:. You can tout the benefits of your products all day, but unless you provide proof from unbiased customers who are not affiliated with your company, your prospects are unlikely to believe you. Testimonials and data that back up your claims are proof that you can be trusted.

In the next article in this series, we will dive into more detail on exactly how to add proof so you can show your prospects that your product or service lives up to its claims and eliminate their fears that your offer is a scam. You still need to think about how your products and services benefit them. Meh, nothing too exciting, right? Now, here is a better way to state the benefit because it is more focused on the prospect:.


Never pull weeds again. This is where you want to showcase your offer. You want your prospect to know how great you are.

How to Structure the Body of the Email/Letter Correctly

The key is to do it in a way that lets them know you are in service to them , not trying to make a buck for yourself. Focus on their needs throughout and you will compel them to take action. Make your benefits understandable and concise as well. Keep it focused on the benefit and get out of there.

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The reader should know exactly what to do to take advantage of the offer you presented. Keep the closer simple and straightforward. One call to action is all you need. Visit our website greenlawns4you. Call us at LAWN as well. We also have a short video on our website where you can see befores and afters of people who have used our services. This call to action asks people to watch a video AND contact the company. When people are confused, it introduces friction into the process and may result in NO action at all.