Old Bones . . . a short story

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They get pretty hungry, you know? The flame near her feet is scorching blackened chunks of cherrywood, its sweet scent mixing in the air thick with fresh baking, the lingering aroma of pizzoccheri —the few leftovers still encrust the dishes in the sink—and old furniture. The door slams in the small hall nearby, and a serpent of cold, damp air slithers in. They turn to the kitchen doorway, filled a second later by a large figure, dark and hooded, gleaming with droplets of water.

“Old Bones” by Michael Patrick Brady

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  • Cauliflower Ears is a short novel about rival rugby teams, originally serialised by Christchurch City Libraries on its website in One young reader commented: 'The frist sic chapter is the real decider for the person reading it. So the first chapter has to matter more than the rest.

    Around The Bookshops said: '. An article about this experience appears in Magpies Vol.

    Bones of the Dead - Daniele Bonfanti

    Nagelkerke is available to talk to students over the age of 5 as part of the Book Council's Writers in Schools programme. He is happy to discuss being a writer and a translator.

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    He would prefer to talk to groups of around 30 students, with a maximum of 60 at any one time. He is prepared to travel out of town for Writers in Schools visits, and can lead Professional Development sessions for teachers.