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This may seem somewhat vague, until one remembers that when Alice first encounters the mouse, when swimming, she believes it to be something else walrus or hippopotamus until she remembers her size and then rethinks what it could be, and then makes it out to be a mouse see dream section of Argo Navis.

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Who else could be this? Depicted by Tenniel sliding down a banister, we have positioned this sliding down one of Pegasus' rockers. Fiume Giordano the Milky Way. What is the Milky Way?

It is stars so dense that individual ones are hard to discern. Groups of stars make constellations, so potentially, the Milky Way is numerous constellations. Here we have depicted in lesser characters and objects from Alice, in order to differentiate this group from the main constellations, we have left them black and white. There can be no better candidate for this than Father William One of Hercules' greatest tasks is to hold the sky up and give Atlas a break, this I tell you is no trick at all as anyone can do it by placing ones hands it the air.

Likewise one can hold up the World by standing on ones head! I believe Father William goes one better; he balances an eel on the end of his nose, a far harder task! The Red Queen moves like Queen Boudicia in her chariot when she moves Alice through time and space, albeit to nowhere! Which is precisely what happens when journeying in any form of transport, as when you arrive at your destination, the item of transport that surrounds you is still unchanged.

Which means that the transport device used is utter rubbish! It is only by removing oneself from your chosen mode of transport, that can you actually change the surroundings and consequently make the journey. One day some bright spark will tell us that we can do all of the above without using a chariot or its modern day equivalent.

Combined with his water pipe or hookah.


Since the Renaissance this constellation has been depicted as a wolf, however before then it was an unspecified wild beast. The Black Kitten fits this description and is briefly in the land of the Looking Glass before Alice returns. A panther is mentioned by Alice when she recites the poem 'Tis the voice of the sluggard', had Tenniel illustrated this we would have used it in preference to the black kitten.

There are only two musical instruments depicted by Tenniel, the drums in the Lion and The Unicorn, and the White Rabbit, with a horn when dressed as a herald. Here we have depicted the White Rabbit. It should be noted that Lyra represents the Lyre made by Hermes out of a tortoise shell and cattle sinew, the Mock turtle would possibly be the best candidate for this, it's singing confirms this, but we offered him the more prestigious constellation of Taurus which he wisely accepted! This imagery is part of the constellation of Perseus. Mensa is so named after Table Mountain at the Cape of Good Hope, when Alice encounters the glass table, it soon appears like a mountain to her.

It also does seem somewhat strange that the glass table is a test for Alice and that Mensa is now used as a select club for those with high IQ's! He is clearly using them as a microscope because he is looking at Alice from a distance of just a few inches! Is the real crown that they fight over, none other than the zodiac belt? Because the Lion won the fight, there he now sits.

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The Unicorn being the looser remains banished outside and has no astrological influence as the Sun does not travel in between it and the Earth or in the case of Alice, the land she is on. Does the kings crown have 12 points to symbolise this? If so then the large orb in the centre of the crown is surely the Sun, proving that Looking Glass land is free of any interfering church and that they also believe in Copernicus' theory! This position also could be taken by the Gnat. Why do you ask? Well, what does an egg hold?

Often none other than a Serpent! Not only this but Humpty also holds Alice's hand - as Alice is called a serpent by a pigeon when she protrudes from the treetops. He hunts for haddocks' eyes, crabs and butterflies! We have also positioned his waist where the stars that make up Orion's Belt are found. Here you will see him 'strutting like a peacock'; we have also positioned the Tray of Tarts behind him, so that the two figures combined make the shape of a peacock with fanned tail.

This weird fly also has wings. Perseus is famed for cutting off the Medusa's head.

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This was not the first choice, the first being the Plum Cake Lion and Unicorn as it rises in a fire oven and miraculously transforms from mixed ingredients to a cake. We selected the White Rabbit for this constellation. He seems to turn up when Alice is either lost, stuck or bored and influences Alice's direction. A net is depicted clearly in Alice, the White Queen uses a hair net in an attempt to tidy her hair. This is what you will find when looking for Recticulum on Alice's Globe. Despite that this constellation refers to a sculptor, it always depicts a sculptors tools or workshop.

Here we have made a stool support a piece of white stone.

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Dodgson denoted exceptional days in his diaries by marking the page with a metaphoric white stone. Alice says herself that she feels like a Telescope when she drinks from it. This has a large beak like the toucan. However if you look into the myth of the Great Bear, you will learn that though Jupiter was married, he had several lovers.

His lover Callisto was disguised as the bear in order that she would not be found. Their son was also disguised as the constellation the Little Bear. In Alice the duchess also has a son and also has a tryst with the queen, which seems to confirm all of the above so making remarks that the duchess has to bear her ugly face unnecessary! I presume these figures are selected to imply that the church is the sly fox that survives by catching geese pawns in order to survive in this reality with very little effort. There are several constellations with which we have matched with an Alice counterpart, but are not listed above, they are included on the globe and we have left them unlisted in order to give you the opportunity to find them.

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Here you will find the Queen of Hearts, Hatta and Haigha to name but a few. By coincidence Alice finds a fawn that has lost its name. This we have placed back into the heavens. It is similarities such as this, and Mensa, that compound the possibility of this theory, but in the mean time we must all try to stop bridges from rusting and witness this dream of life float by. But where might you ask is the Red King? For he holds all together!

The Red King in Alice appears to illustrate Bishop Berkeley's theory that all is perception and that there is nothing material beyond it.

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Alice dreams of the Red King, who is dreaming about her and the land of Looking Glass. Berkeley sought to show that this theory leads directly to an awareness of all of us and the world itself being an idea in the mind of God. Consequently, like Alice, we all have the opportunity to determine this dream we perceive. On a similar vein the Bible states that Adam goes to sleep, but it has not been written anywhere that he has yet woken, implying that we are just part of Adam's dream. We are part of this, witnessing it and being in it as Adam continues to dream it. So life continues, bridges rust and sadly pawns will become Queens.

But suppose Adam or God wished to be part of the new perception, then they would appear in it the same way that Alice does. Alice is told of this by Tweedledum and Tweedledee, likewise, this paragraph is reiterating the Tweedle's point for you, reminding you that you are part of this dream which you have helped perceive. But Christ says that ultimately the Prodigal fails. Has Adam failed? Whatever the reason, we need to remember that we also hold the dream, so we can help change failure to success In the meantime, you will find we have positioned the sleeping Red King on the Globes cartouche, perched above him is the Gryphon also dreaming, possibly of you reading this.

There is a constellation situated close to the Red King. Here you will find the Queen of hearts, holding the King of Hearts crown. Despite her bossy dominating behaviour it is actually the king who is the ruling monarch, consequently she cannot wear the crown, only hold it.

And for good reasons.

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